Kilmist Cuatro for Pocket PC

From the developer: "Kilmist Cuatro for Pocket PC. Match the colors and positions and score! Kilmist Cuatro for Pocket PC is a simple game. Then again, 'simple' is so relative. The object of the game is to guess the colors of four balls and put them in right order. You start with a wild guess and for every guess you will be told how many colors are correct and how many balls are in the right position. Use that key info in your next guess. Well, you have only 8 guesses to get it right. Unless, of course, you are playing on time based scoring and you may not even get that far. It exercises your deductive skills and you can play multiple levels too, racking up the score. Play in one of Beginner and Advanced levels. Score the game based on time or based on number of moves made or just no scoring at all. Play multiple levels, building on your previous games. Pocket PC 2000 & 2002 Compatible! Don't take our word for it - download today and check it out for yourself. Kilmist Cuatro, as with all Kilmist products, comes with intuitive interface, integrated help files and excellent technical support."
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.08 MB
Operating System Mobile Pocket PC 2000
System RequirementsPocket PC