Sol Free

Sol Free is a Palm handheld solitaire game. Sol Free has a professional design is easy to read on the small screen. Sol Free has three types of auto play to get the amount of automation you prefer. Measure your skill with statistics tracking every solitaire connoisseur knows that in solitaire you can't win them all. But with Sol Free, you can see how well you're losing. Sol Free tracks and stores 15 statistics for every game, including wins/losses, play time, and Vegas scoring. In total, 75 individual statistics help you measure your solitaire expertise. Cheat when necessary every solitaire connoisseur also knows that even though you can't win them all, you can increase your percentage considerably by cheating. Sol Free includes a cheat for every game. Just activate it when you get stuck.
File Size115.95 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm
System RequirementsRequires Palm OS 3.5 or higher. High-resolution graphics require Palm OS 5.0 or higher.