Earthworm Jim 1&2 demo

From his humble beginnings as a Texan nightcrawler to his superheroic feats as a mutated ""annelid with an attitude,"" Earthworm Jim charges onto the PC. Part One features his bizarre origin in which, donning a discarded supersuit, he transforms into a biped space hero armed with a fully loaded blaster! Join Jim as he rampages through junkyards, undersea bases and the surface of the moon, all teeming with predators starved for fresh earthworm steaks. It'll take a heap o' skill to keep Jim in one piece. Part Two continues the fun as Jim searches the backwater reaches of the galaxy for his kidnapped true-love, Princess What's-Her-Name. She's been taken by the evil Psy-Crow for a quickie shotgun wedding in Lost Vegas, where breathing constitutes consent. Jim collects all-new weapons and skills to take on some old adversaries and some new characters designed to make him regret his choice of careers.
License Free to try
File Size 4.49 MB
Operating System Windows 3.x Windows