SIIG CyberPro 1S1P PCI board

SIIG CyberPro 1S1P PCI board: FEATURES: Supports 32-/64-bit, 3.3V/5V PCI and PCI-X slots. One high-speed 16550 UART serial port (9-pin) supports data rate up to 230 Kbps. Will work as standard RS232 port or with 5V or 12V power output for devices that require power (such as handheld scanners, table scanners, POS displays, etc.). Configurable via jumpers with silk-screened settings on PCB. One high-speed ECP/EPP parallel port (25-pin).
Operating System Windows NT Windows 98 Windows Windows XP Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP