Gateway Neptune Motherboard BIOS Update

Warning: If your Gateway 2000 computer is updated with the incorrect BIOS, it may render your system unusable. If you're unsure as to which BIOS you need, reboot your system. The BIOS information will be displayed almost immediately. The suffix of the BIOS will indicate which update is correct for your system (for example, CN0T, CY1T, and so on). This driver is used to save and update flash memory. It is recommended that this utility be executed from a bootable DOS disk that contains BIOS recovery files for the target system (that is, BIOS.REC). This utility must be executed in a system without memory managers installed. If EMM386, QEMM, 386MAX, or Windows is active, then the flash update is not safe. Remove any memory manager or exit Windows before executing the Flash Memory Update Utility. If you do not already have a BIOS with the extension of .AX1T, you must first update the BIOS using P5AX1T.EXE.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 339.95 kB
Version 1.00.12.AX1T (2/95)
Operating System Windows
System Requirements DOS