Fictif: Choose Your Own Story - Visual Novels

Welcome, wonderer. You’ve found Fictif, a stunning collection of interactive, inclusive visual novels where you make the decisions. With exciting, adventure-filled episodes full of romance and mystery, you choose your own story. Your decisions change the path you take and the story you experience. What path will you take? WHY PEOPLE LOVE OUR INTERACTIVE STORIES • Explore collections of immersive, interactive romance stories in different genres, realities, and with various character types. • The stories you play are inclusive – choose your pronouns! • Your choices can influence your interactive story experience • Go on an adventure, travel to new worlds, fall in love, solve a murder mystery • Choose from multiple romance partners • Enjoy each story with individual and original art • Read a growing library of choose your own stories with new chapters updated weekly. Please note that Fictif is currently only available in English. YOUR STORYBOOK 🥂 TWO AGAINST THE WORLD – As soon as you step inside the theatre, you find yourself literally transported into a 1920’s Gatsby Era with a gorgeous gangster that offers you adventure and the love you always wanted. Can the glitz and glamour, and the arms of a loving man win you over? 🔮 LAST LEGACY - When you, an ordinary cosplayer, become trapped inside a fantasy game, you’ll have to use your wits, magic, and genre savvy to survive. Team up with a band of unlikely heroes including a mischievous mage, a spirited knight, and a mysterious mercenary to fight the forces of evil and find a way home. 💀 ROADKILL - Four friends embark on the cross-country road trip to live their dreams and end up living their nightmares, when a strange event brings every horror movie villain to life. Who will survive? 💰 HEIR TO LOVE & LIES - You inherit $16.8 Million dollars, and a cast of townspeople who make you feel more at home than ever. Only...One of them killed your grandmother and you must solve the mystery and find out who the killer is. With exciting, adventure-filled chapters full of romance and mystery, you choose your own story. Your decisions change the path you take and the story you experience. Fictif has various interactive visual novel stories that have a distinct art style with multiple characters to romance. This app is free with in-app purchases that range from 1.99 to 99.99
Price USD 1.99
License Free to try
Version 1.0.26
Operating System Android 4.0, Android 3.1, Android 3.0, Android, Android 2.2, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7, Android 2.3 - Android 2.3.2, Android 3.2
System Requirements None