Branny Granny 2020 : Scary Horror Story Mod

Hello to this wonderful adventure of Branny Granny 2020 : Scary Horror Story ModYet many of you will get scared at very first 5 minutes of the game. This Granny horror story game is not easy and not for everyone, a lady has trapped you in the evil fnaf house, she can hear your steps inside the house and comes to hit you like many people before you.You have to escape the evil haunted granny and the horror insane hidden house mansion, or you will'be a ghost in recovery until you can try your luck once more in Branny Granny 2020 : Scary Horror Story Mod.Beware of the screams, souls, and be ready to suffer for 5 days, as it's your mission to escape in 5 nights, be quiet, travel in the house, be fearful thought of the mayhem, we don't what she is, she can be a barbi, mother and grandma or a grandpa, branny or elsa, neighbor sometimes the granny miraculous grandmother is calm and careful in the house atmosphere, but it still scary and once she heard you she came back for you once again.Thi scary horror miraculous house story is every taste, be cautious and go through the doors to find objects and tools to beat the miraculous granny with silver tension and finally survive and escape the traps.Find all the keys to house front door, and be prepared to ice scream, it's not easy but you'll not regret it ever while you're playing.Say Hello grandpa and grandma to this wonderful game and enjoy hours of calm yet jumping situations and scary moves on Branny Granny 2020 : Scary Horror Story Mod.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up