Army Frontline Mission Special

ONE NATION, ONE ARMY, ONE WAR. The fate of future generations depends on this top military commando operation.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops is an action packed Fps Shooting game of Special Forces who have joined hands to eliminate the terrorism in the world. This war is as destructive as any World War.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops brings to you a Special Forces team, which includes the US Army Team, Us Military, Army Special force, Us Army Primary Special Operation force, US navy and CIA agents against Terrorist. The mission is to overcome the brutal crime of terrorist on the world. Become the war hero. It would be advisable to get behind the enemy lines and kill the brutal criminals. There are no Rules of war here, only Attack Death should occur for your enemies.The Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops features intense action against the terrorist mafia. It gives you experience of traffic sniper You have been given proper training by the Us Army Training School, the shooting and training included cover shoot, sniper shooting, rescue hostages, counter terrorism attack, strike force training and mountain shooting. Now you have to show your skills in the battle field. A call of sniper has been made. Sniper hunter team has also been appointed to carry out sniper shot 3d operations and to train them in sniper king shoot operations. Being the sniper stick shoot killer you have to lead the team. You are the best sniper shooter onboard.Show the criminal mafia that you are the brave assassin. In this Special Forces Mission make Gun Strike at first opportunity, dont let the enemy attack you. This operation against terrorist can lead to lots of loss of lives and injuries.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops offers a modern warfare, with the most amazing team of advanced sniper Shoot Killer, commando, frontline shooter and deadly army combat gunner. The force of war and the World War II survival stories had no strategic impact on this war. Already many terrorists are convicted and no way is possible for the escape the deadly prisoner. This is the battle of freedom and this is going to be the final battle. The terrorists cannot escape your final commando strike, so there would be no chance of their survival battleground. You have to destroy all their secret weapons, hidden in the secret basement storage of their base. These steps are necessary for the security of your country and the welfare of your fellow countrymen.Game FeaturesSpecial Real Sound EffectsChallenging levels and exciting missionsHD quality audio and videoRealistic graphicsEasy and smooth gameplayInteractive user interface
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.