Takelshin is a 2D platformer that can be played on modern touchscreens as well as on consoles and handhelds.You take the role of Takelshin - a little octopus girl on her way through many different stages such as deep waters or colorful autumn forests.Takelshin's mission is to get on a flying pirate ship and free her younger baby siblings from the clutches of pirate lady Scallywag Sally.FULL VERSION! No further, hidden costs.over 20 stages including secret worlds and bonus games.catchy chiptune soundtrack.3 difficulty levels - the hardest one hast to be unlocked.over 10 completely different, cute designed enemy types.6 tricky bosses.combo system to break the high score.automatically saved score after each completed stage.innovative control via the touch screen.To play Takelshin, keep your smartphone or tablet horizontal. Only two thumbs are needed to play - each thumb is responsible for half the screen.With the thumb of your left hand Takelshin can be moved to the left or right. It is not necessary to touch the displayed control panel accurately - this is just a suggestion for the optimal positioning of your left thumb for best overview.The thumb must be placed somewhere on the left half of the screen (touch). As long as the thumb is not moved any further, Takelshin will continue to stand still.However, the further you move your left thumb from this touch point to the left or right, the faster (or slower) the little octopus girl runs in the appropriate direction.So the player can also stalk easily to treacherous spots such as dangerous spines or chasms.Takelshin can jump with the thumb of your right hand - the longer the touch, the higher the jump.
Price USD 379
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up