Dungeon Hero: Quest

On the faraway land of Hailar, the City of the Light is bathed in the beautiful sunshine.The people of this land have been living happily and peacefully for a long time.However, the peace is broken by the evil dragon! Hodenig, the king of the Black Dragon, summoned massive monsters to control the Portal of Mistyland and released his monster corps. The City of Light is shrouded in the darkness!O the brave champion of Hailar, unite with the five elf leaders and revive the glory of the City of the Light!Challenge the evil and darkness, explore mysterious caves, learn different skills and equip yourself with massive legendary weapons!A word by the Sage of Wisdom: death takes everything! Wealth, fame, experience, treasures Death turns all to ash. Defeat Hodenig! The fantasy adventure of the guardians of the city begins!A STRATEGIC ROGUELIKE RPG- Develop a strategy select skills at your will. Nine skill trees and eighteen fabulous skills for you to choose from. Warriors need to select appropriate skills for different Raids and Arena Battles.- Match the powerful combat items with magic runes, gain attack UP, magic UP, and special effect BUFFs. Which combo is the perfect for you?- Interesting brain storming gameplay that takes you away from the boring battles and fights! Find out a variety of interesting small games such as push-box, minesweeping and trivia quiz. Its not all about strategy.AN INNOVATION OF INTEREACTIONThe game contains a variety of social interaction systems, allowing you to interact more closely during your adventure. Enjoy massive interactive games as well as a smooth communication in the arena and the guild system. Fighting side by side with your friends and guild members. You are no longer alone in this journey. Share your experience and ask for advice when you have problem solving the puzzles.EXQUISITE CARTOON GRAPHICS & REFRESHING ART STYLE-Exquisite carton art style featuring with clear and bright tones, which will not make you depressed when exploring the dark dungeons. Flexible character movements and incredible monster designs, and cool animation effects of skills make battles more exciting.Equip yourself with legendary weapons, ride on powerful mounts and bring your pets, take blessings from the elves and set off to defeat Hodenig, the king of the Black Dragon!Hi, champ.Are you ready for the greatest adventure?Follow us on our Official Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tofwonderlandCustomer Service: wonderland@yixiaogame.com
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.20
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up