A steam powered robot wakes up to a world on the edge of ruin. The infamous Kid Scientist has shattered the eco-stability of the planet in his quest for ever greater power sources. You are Stretch the steam-powered StretchBot in this platformer adventure who was left for dead in a toxic junkyard full of unfriendly baddies and obsolete robot parts. As you fight your way to safety and freedom during a troubled and tumultuous time you find and befriend a group of retro enviro-hackers trying to stop Kid Scientist and save the planet. Are you too late? Can just one StretchBot really save the planet? It's time to help this robot start his adventure..Stretch Bot Features:- 24 engaging levels across 3 distinct retro worlds- 20+ unique and deadly robot enemies- 3 enormously challenging boss fights- 6 different equippable stretch bot upgrades- Classic platformer story and retro game play- Immersive and mesmerizing soundtrack- 20+ achievements to collect throughout your adventure- 16-bit pixel art and retro platformer nostalgia
Price USD 289
License Purchase
Version 1.02
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up