Super Market Robbery Gang

Get ready for the most gangster game around which requires you to be a sneaky criminal!!! Raid the nearest super market for proceeding some robbery of all the shopping items!! Avoid the police at all costs and if circumstances fall, fight the police to escape!! Shooting will be involved between the gangster and police and fighting between criminal and security guard!!Sneak in the supermarket at night time to avoid being caught!! Observe the isle racks and steal anything you want and then run to the cashier counter to break in to the money storage and steal all the money and make a run for it!! Avoid being caught and play these shooting games as safely as possible! The action begins when the criminal robbery gangsters come face to face in contact with the cops!! Then it will be a proper chaos showdown!!Begin your gangster adventure by driving the city at night in your thief car, make a secret entry in the supermarket, then steal expensive material like jewelry, clothes, food and even money from the supermarket cashier counter!!Cause a little trouble with any one who comes in your robbery way and show them just how evil of a robber you are!! Keep yourself updated with the recent weapons, especially shooting weapons!! Erase all memory that you can of camera footage located in the supermarket in order to avoid surveillance and police infiltration!!The game will assign you multiple criminal stealing missions and task that you have to complete in the allotted time!! These tasks will include hiding from the supermarket security and police as well as fighting with the police, making it part of fierce shooting games!!The most important goal is to reach the money cashier counter safely so that the most precious thing can be robbed safely in this robbery games!! Time comes you can rob people too and the police will never know!!Create fuss and chaos in the supermarket robbery shooting games!!! Prove the threat of the city gangsters and perform criminal robbery!! Download the game if you love adventure and shooting games!! The game has multiple features and control the supermarket criminal robbery crime performances!! Show them who's robbery master boss!!*** HOW TO PLAY THE GAME ***Start the gameSelect levelBegin the game playDrive your criminal car towards the supermarketPark in the underground parkingOne robbery criminal must head upward to the supermarketFollow the robbery game task givenPerform the task in the given timeUse controls on screen to steal/pick items from the shelfs and cashierUse controls to hide from the policeOn encounter use controls to fight against policeManage fight by punching and shootingRun away with robbery items and proceed to next levelKeep performing the given tasks with the help of joystick*** FEATURES OF THE GAME ***Gangster simulationSupermarket settingCriminal and police charactersDifferent robbery missionsWeapons for shooting gamesOn screen joystick controlsEasy and helpful game play controls3D simulationHigh definition graphicsExciting game playPlay away and be the robbery master!!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.