Escape room adventure - The Astrolabe VR

The Astrolabe Virtual Reality is a escape room type adventure game where you have to find parts of an astrolabe that, due to misunderstandings between the occupants of the fort, find scattered around the various rooms.D. Rodrigo de Castro, captain of the ship Santa Margarida, lost the astrolabe, an important navigational instrument. Before being able to leave for the next expedition, he delegated the mission to bring another astrolabe to his sailor Nuno Matias da Silva, he will have to go to the Pau da Bandeira fort and find the astrolabe pieces that, due to misunderstandings between the occupants of the fort, find scattered around the various rooms.Will you be able to reincarnate the character of Nuno Matias da Silva and help him bring the astrolabe aboard the ship Santa Margarida in time for the next expedition?Attention:To play this game you will need VR goggles and a Bluetooth controller.Features:- In-game instructios.- Configurable buttons.- No adverts.- No in-app purchases.- No internet connection required.- Hypothetical representation of the city of Lagos - Portugal in the eighteenth century before the big earthquake of 1755.- Based on real plans.In April 1752, D. Rodrigo de Castro, was unable to leave for the expedition because the astrolabe, an indispensable navigational instrument was missing. Jos de Queiroga, the sergeant-major of Lagos, told D. Rodrigo de Castro that in the fortress Pau da Bandeira, there was one more astrolabe, and he offered it to D. Rodrigo de Castro if he was able to collect it.D. Rodrigo de Castro attributed the mission of bringing the astrolabe to Nuno da Silva Matias, his skipper.Nuno Matias when he arrived at the fortress Pau da Bandeira, he asked the official, Jose Artur Pereira, for the astrolabe to which he responded that the astrolabe disappeared from the box and that he doesn't know where it is, but he ensures that the astrolabe never left the fort. Your quest is to help Nuno Matias find the astrolabe that has been split into 6 pieces. The official Jose Artur Pereira left a letter with some clues that can help you.You have 2 hours to complete the objective.In order to complete the game you need to find all 6 parts of the astrolabe and return tem to the box sitting on the table in the room that you initially find yourself in. Here you can also find a box where you must deposit the coins that you will find during your jurney.If you click on the box with nothing in the active hand, the total amount of money and score achieved so far will appear in the dialogue box. The score is assigned according to the actions you take.When the astrolabe is complete in the box, the game ends.
Price USD 2.49
License Purchase
Version 1.04
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up