Tsunami Run - Rory Adventure

Rory is a cute little creature. His parents are taking a vacation to the Sahara desert.The weather begins to be stormy, rainy and very rough. Rory begins to worry because it's his first time alone at home.After a couple of hours a BIG tsunami wave is seen in the horizon...Rory decides to take his tail and run as far as possible from the tsunami, he is going to an adventure of finding his parents. To achieve that, he have to keep running.As Rory don't know how to fly, he is going to use his sliding technique with his flexible tail to run. The only way he can escape from the tsunami wave is by running fast.This adventure game contains 5 different worlds and 15 levels in each world to keep rory running from the big tsunami wave.also nice intro scene is included with beautiful graphics by the best designers .''I've already played this game, and all i could say is that the game is fun. it's very addicting. ^^'' - anonymous poster from androidcentral.com"With 75 different levels and fun, addictive gameplay, you may find yourself barricaded in your room playing Tsunami Run while downing chocolate, Doritos, and strawberry milk as your only sustenance for days" - XDA Developers Portal.This is a nice and friendly Adventure Run - Style type of game.Rory is designed to be loved by little kids, teenagers, grown-ups and even adults.The tsunami is behind you !Run Rory, Run !Multiplayer mode is out !Now you can press the multiplayer button and play the multiplayer mode with your friends.The multiplayer is still in beta stage, but i wanted to share with you :)Plans for the future,* Store for new items you can buy with coins* More cute creatures* More worlds* bugfixesRory is a main character of this game. It's an lovely cute creature with a tail and small funny wings, which is trying to escape from the tsunami waves in his adventure and find his parents.You need to practice and mastering the technique of running by sliding up and down.jump and fly until gravity brings you back to the ground hills.Install, Play and Enjoy Rory's running adventure !
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 2.3 and up