Journey through the Battleground of the Gods in SMITE Blitz, an epic tactical RPG where you control the Gods! Wield Mjolnir as Thor, or rain down lightning as Zeus in your mythological adventure.ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAMChoose from over 60 Gods from throughout world mythology. Plan your formation to utilise each deitys unique abilities, gain valuable boosts by combining Gods through the sidekick system, and find the ultimate winning strategy.LEAD THE GODS TO WARThe realms of the Gods are under attack! You begin your quest in ancient Egypt, where dark forces have wreaked havoc throughout the Gods dominion. Their mortal worshipers are being assaulted. Who will save them? Fight tense battles and defeat waves of powerful enemies, chase down fugitives, or protect your tower. Collect valuable resources to unlock your Gods full potential. Can you save their worlds from ultimate destruction?SUMMON POWERFUL GODSCreate an unbeatable team with Gods from across the pantheons. Wield the awesome power of the thunder God, Thor, and combine him with the impossibly strong Hercules. Fight shield to shield with Athena, or break the rules and let the villainous Loki do your deeds.TEAM UP TO CONQUER EPIC BOSSESTake on epic world bosses with players from around the world, working together to earn great loot and strengthening your roster of Gods.BECOME THE STRONGESTLevel up your Gods to unlock devastating new skills for more combat power. Alight the power of the Star Runes to give your party an advantage in battle. Craft valuable resources to build abilities that radiate a healing glow upon your allies.COMPETE WITH OTHER PLAYERSChallenge players from around the world in four intense PvP modes. Go head-to-head in deadly Duels, or watch chaos reign supreme when the toughest Gods in the universe collide in the Arena. Develop unique strategies to lead your team to glory.BUILD YOUR ALLIANCERise to become one of the top alliances. Tackle exclusive content and challenges for great rewards.GET FREE LOOT IN SMITEUnlock exclusive bonuses in the #1 action-brawler, SMITE, by linking your SMITE Blitz account.SupportAre you having problems? Visit ADD Helpshift URL or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.Privacy Policy: of Service:
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android