Animal Hunting Survival Game Wolf Simulator

Dive into the world of wild safari jungle hunting and live your life as a wild hunter wolf in the vast jungle of Africa. Explore the amazing 3D environment in the ultimate jungle hunting wolf simulator. Become the master of the jungle. Become the ultimate alpha wolf in your pack. Explore the life of an extreme jungle forest in this survival hunt mission game. Live a life of a wild beast wolf with your pack. Train yourself as a wolf with your pack after training and make yourself strong to start the ultimate survival jungle hunt.This is not an ordinary animal simulator game like horse simulator or wild dog simulator. This is the jungle hunting simulator game. Discover the wolf life. You are welcome to the survival hunting wolf simulator world. Strengthen your skills in the training session to become the Alpha among all the wild wolves. There is so many thrilling scenes in this wild life wolf fighting hunting game. Start hunting the animals to accomplish the hunting survival mission.Run faster in this wolf hunting battle mission. Start fighting against your Alpha to conquer the wild life wolf hunting simulator. Become the ultimate wolf Alpha and survive in the animal jungle hunting simulator. A cruel gruesome survival war has been started among all the wolves. First, win this wild wolf battle and then start hunting other wild life animals for the ultimate wolf survival.Show the wilderness in the jungle wolf games. Play as a wild wolf and start hunting the other jungle animals. Play this clan of wolves and be an Alpha in this jungle hunt wolf simulator for free. Attack your prey to survive in the vast wild animal forest. Start the hunt with pack of your ultimate wild wolves. This is the newest wild beast wolf game with training session.Be an angry wolf in the wolf life animal hunting game. Lead the clan of wolves, start hunting other animals to become the ultimate jungle hunting survival. Complete all the hunting missions and be a real wild angry wolf. This is your chance to prove yourself as an expert wild wolf. Fight with your wild wolf pack against other jungle animals. Attack and hunt other animals like Lion, Tiger, Deer, Hare, Elephant and many other animals. Play this wild life simulator game and complete multiple wild wolf quests. Become the ultimate jungle survival hunter.You have your clan of wolves to start the wild animal hunt in this wolf warrior hunt game. Be a lone wolf survivor and become the wolf warrior in the wolf simulator game. This is your chance to prove yourself as a wolf jungle hunter. Start the wolf fight and win the wild combat battle. Experience the realistic safari hunting in the vast wild jungle. Be brave and start the attack from the frontline. Get ready for the wildlife hunt.Ever Wondered how a ultimate wild wolf live and survives in the Jungle? Let's find out. In this wild wolf simulator game you will learn how to live in a jungle and survive in the vast forest as an angry cruel Wolf. You will be a part of an alpha wolf pack in the start; you will learn how to hunt and how to survive from your Alpha. Once you are done training and you are strong enough to challenge your Alpha you will have to fight your Alpha and win to start your own Pack.Game Features:- Natural wildlife Forest Environment- Natural jungle Snow Environment- Interactive Graphics- Latest AI- Smooth Game ControlPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , any non-personal information collected by our partners like Google is used for analytic and game improvements.For details check here
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 3.0 and up