Spearfishing Wild Shark Hunter - Fishing game

Welcome to the era of underwater Spearfishing Wild Shark Hunter - Fishing game So to hunt shark you have to dive in the deep and sea water is cool and kill shark in a trivial time before the shark attack-s you which mean you have a last chance in life to hunt. So this sounds something different i.e. hunting sharks and other fishes in aquatic environment i.e. deep sea water.sharks kill hundreds of peoples every year because of their huge sizes In this Spearfishing wild shark new hunting game 2018 you will hunt dangerous wild sharks, whales, sea turtles, wild Whales, and other favorite aquatic fishes in a single game. A special hunting gun will be given to you at the start of the game whose damage and accuracy will be suitable for the start levels in the tap tap fish farm villa. After some levels you have to either upgrade your gun or buy a new gun from the store. Buy a new gun, oh come on dont worry. The more fishes and hungry wild sharks you kill the more points you get and the all these points help you throughout the game to unlock new guns & new features.Amazing aquatic 3D game play with high visual graphics and totally new environment and best deep sea water music will just amazed you and provide extra fun. This Spearfishing Wild Shark new 3D 2016 game will entertain you from every aspect and the player will definitely love this new Spearfishing Wild Shark Hunter -2018.If you are a fish hunter and love fish hunting games then come and grasp this adventure game to play new Spearfishing wild shark hunter game 2017 for free.======== Spearfishing Wild Shark Hunter - Fishing game features ========1. Most excited sea sport adventure game.2. Unique game play.3. Anticipated to be most popular Sport fishing game.4. Hunt Hungry wild sharks, hungry whales, Turtles and much more.5. Multiple levels.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up