Butterfly Island - Hands Free Edition

This, "Hands Free" Edition, requires no controller, and can be used with any simple Google Cardboard compatible viewer! Simply look in the direction you want to move, then look up to move forward and look down to move backwards.Need a mini-vacation? Explore Butterfly Island and meet new friends, such as Freddy Flamingo, Chatty Caracal and Molly Monkey. See if you can find a lemonade stand on the island and gather treasure for points. Or you can just sit on the beach and watch the waves lapping on the shore. Developed to provide relaxation and enjoyment for kids and families. Created by Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Program. The butterflies created by the kids of Ronald McDonald House of Southeastern Wisconsin.-You will walk slowly around the island. Line up butterflies with the dot, and try to catch them all!Learn more about the Northwestern Mutual Foundation:Learn more about the Southeastern Wisconsin Ronald McDonald House:Thank you for playing! We appreciate your support of Childhood Cancer Research!!!Please visit Alex's Lemonade Stand:Thanks for playing!
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