Zombie Street Trigger

Zombies are walking around all over the your city, kill the endlesszombies with your stick, gunshot, or even thunder gun. Save your city,zombies will destroy city. Many heroes have already fallen, but you'vemanaged to survive. Kill the most of the zombies, collecting more coinsor cashes and ammunition to buy more powerful weapons, which can killthe zombies quicklyFEATURESZombie combat in different zones with 6 unique game modes- Kill zombies with 10 weapons : gun , grenade and melee- 8 different types of guns : pistol, M3 super 90, MP5, AK 47, Sniper,Bazooka, frame gun- 5 different types zombies. you will face the boss in final battle- Great graphic and sound for shooter game- choose your heroes : Tommy or Marry- 5 special items will help you kill zombie quickly- Share game link, invite your facebook friends to get more cashesHow to play- Buy new hero by coin, Tommy is ready, you can buy Marry- Buy new gun by coin or cashes , you must buy super gun to facedifficult mission- Buy Item by coin or cash- If you have not enough coin or cash to buy , don't worry,get more coin or cashes by share game or invite facebookfriend. Play reward video to get one cash, too- Play the game :* Tap square left button to use item , you can change another items byleft turn button and right turn button* Tap the square right button to switch guns
Operating System Android