Mujhe kyun nikala - adiala escape

The sentence "Kyun Nikala Mujhe Kyun" & "Go Nawaz Go" which is now "Go Nawaz Gone" are very popular sentences. nawaz sharif the former prime minister of Pakistan was disqualified due to panama case now he also faced avenfield reference case where he punished 10 years jail along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz who has to face 8 years jail in adiala. Imran khan has now become strong candidate for the next prime minister of Pakistan. You will be commony hearing terms like imran vs Nawaz, adiala, avenfield, Maryam Nawaz, avenfield reference,jail, nawaz sharif to adiala jail, go Nawaz go, muje kyun nikala,dancing Nawaz sharif,sara tabar chor ha,sefie with Nawaz sharif,talking Nawaz,Imran khan vs Nawaz sharif, Nawaz:the panama runner. These are all according to current intense situation of our country.Muje kyun nikala ha become a common slogan in our country since the dis-qualification of former prime minister Nawaz sharif. Maryam Nawaz the daughter of Nawaz sharif also held responsible for her wrong remarks about the properties and concealing true facts about their assets.Because before disqualification of Prime Minister "Go Nawaz Go" was popular & right after disqualification of Nawaz the sentence is changed to "Go Nawaz Gone".Mujhe Nikala Kyun is a , challenging game will test your reflexes. Let's see how amazingly you can save Nawaz from getting caught.Corrupt Nawaz running & trying to escape, running from a hurdles like panama case, superem court and adiala Jail in this game while kaptaan is on their way to stop himClick anywhere on screen to jump.Mujhe Nikala Kyun game is great fun for those who hate corrupt politicians. It's exciting and fast-paced game-play won't let you bored for a single minute. You can score as high as possible in this challenging game.It is simple to play but hard to master. Are you ready to spend hours and hours trying to escape, running from a hurdles like Panama case, supreme court and jail.Download now and have fun!!!
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