Super Kenny World

It is a classic platform super game. Kenny must save the world from the great villain "King Alligator" and his servants. Take Super Powers and your Horse to complete devious levels in various worlds.HORSE:- Tap the up arrow to mount it. And the drawing button to get down from it.Your horse can walk on thorns, this is important for some levels. Primarily to collect the red coins (they are hidden or in places of difficult access).Indicative Metastats:Directional: Indicate the direction you should follow.Caution: Indicates that you must be careful when passing through.Lampada (idea): indicates that there is something hidden in boxes, blocks or must jump on enemies to walk on top of them.Horse: indicates that you can only pass using a horse. Example: paths with spines.- Super powers- Jetpack- Large levels- Secret passages- Many diamonds to collect- Red coins (they are in difficult places)- Various Enemies- Big bossValuable Tips:- Explore every scenario, there may be hidden items.- When you take the helmet, try not to lose it.Write your comment and rate it!Thanks for playing.
Operating System Android