pixel miners

This is a pixel game. The retro graphics shall remind you of your happy childhood!This is an idle game. You can collect rewards even offline 24*7! So you may wake up, find yourslef full of rare items!This is a strategy game. With plenty of heroes to select, different team comps, how will you lead your team when facing constantly growing enemies?Background:Evil power have invaded the Nijigen world, brought nothing but destruction and disaster! You, are the chosen one! Gather different heroes, lead them to purify the Nijigen world and expel the evil!Game Features:1, The game is simple but not boring, graphics are concise but with details! Mining, Adventure, PvP, this game does it all!2. You can collect all kinds of mineral resources, 24*7 nonstop! Show it off!3, With over 300 heroes to choose, various team comps to use, save the World in your own way!4, SPD UP, DEF, DODGE, which is your favorite style? What is the best combo to conquer other players?5, Rich and varied battlefield, PvE, Ranking, Arena, prove yourself in the endless battles!Join now, let's conquer the underworld togetherFB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Miners-979177878915440/
Operating System Android