puppy run dog pals: Adventure game

puppy dog pals Adventure game is the best classic jump platform bingo and rolly games for your kids. You can get exciting bingo and rolly dash experience of jumping and running in bingo and rolly games. It is a challenging adventure! Take you back to your childhood! Classic jumping game, bring back your memory of childhood by playing puppy dog pals adventure.In the game you have to help puppy dog pals to collect a lot of diamonds and coins to get more lives in the same time he should overcome the various monsters and obstacles and risks on the road.the first step is to jump over the monsters and the obstacles , avoid enemies and the second one is to escape from the big danger and collect as much as possible of coins to allow you unlock donnie hero and try a new adventure with that best game for kids .You must avoid all traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus items and coins.You can find great bonus items: stone, bumerang. It's you against a boatload of super-strong monster!*** How to play***- real somersault games- Press the hand hold button to shoot the enemy.- Press the green button to make bingo puppy dog pals go faster.- Jumping over the enemies will kill them with bingo and rolly dash.- Try not to approach your enemies- For moving the bingo puppy click on right or left on the control pad bingo and rolly dash!- Click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to come to a bonus level!- Press the foot button to make bingo puppy dog pals jumping!- Jump on your enemies to kill them, but be careful not all!- Collect coins: Collect more coins as you can to exchange props. Jump and somersault to obtain more coins.So, are you ready to help superdog ? you must be a good hero for him.If you like bingo and rolly games,Download the game puppy dog pals. Enjoy and share with your friends.
Operating System Android