Stray Cat Doors

Let's escape from the door by exploring the world like a picture book.¦ Features ¦* It is an escape game that solves a mystery together with a cute character.* Escape game It is a game that even beginners can enjoy.* Go around various stages, use items or solve problems and escape.* Clear room will become lively.* All six stages. There are plenty of extras.* Healing music. Turn on BGM and play around.* Once you clear the stage you can play many times later.* You can play all free.¦ It is recommended for ¦* I love healing games.* I like escape games.* I like kawaii games.* I love cute characters and animals.* I want to play freely and free of charge.* I want to collect items.¦ How to play* It is a simple operation with only tap.* Let's tap where I was interested.* Press and hold the item in the item box to enlarge it.* When the number of items increases, swipe the item box left or right to select it.* Tap the gear icon on the screen to open the menu.* You can see hints and answers from the menu. (* Required video viewing)¦ Note ¦Depending on the model, there may be times when it seems to stop on the white screen at the beginning of the stage.There is a possibility that it takes time to load, so it may start when you wait for a while.
Operating System Android