Super Ducktales Adventure

super Ducktales Adventure Games is a super run adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer. Ducktales Adventure has to pass lots of evil crocs, spiders and dragons and also go through noir Temple.This Jump and Run up to speed is an addictive adventure dash game!-- Side scroller Ducktales game with simple controls games-- Easy and free to play but difficult to master-- classic retro running up to speed adventure dash games super Ducktales Adventure needs you! It's Time to be a Hero and suit up as your favorite stack character. Play games and help capture the villains, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos, who have been let loose around the city. It's Time to be a Hero! Practice your super powers and help save the day!Features:- Unlock an augmented reality game and see the characters in your own environment.- Capture your own photograph with a stack character, choosing from Catboy, Owlette and and play Ducktales Adventure don't forget to rate 5 star
Operating System Android