A Way Out From Hell

Imagine that one day someone broke into your house, handcuffed you and threw you into a strict regime prison, while you're completely innocent. In the prison you are about to meet a whole labyrinth of dangerous gangsters, cold-blooded killers, drug dealers and pickpockets. Your most important task is to find any way to get out.Rely only on yourself or find patrons among cellmates and come up with your prison escape plan. Solve all the puzzles that unlock paths between levels, find hidden locations, make copies of keys, manipulate cellmates and security staff! Use all your prison break skills to do everything possible for a successful escape. You will have only one attempt, with each failure your imprisonment term will increase.Features of A Way Out From Hell- Original and interesting escape prison story- 4 different endings- The game completely adapts to your actions- Great graphics and music!- Make your own escape plan!Become the only prisoner who managed to escape!
Operating System Android