Descendants Rush

descendants Rush is a super adventure running game where you need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangers while descendants collecting as many coins as you can to score the highest.Hometown of descendants was invaded and destroyed by unexpected monsters. descendants Rush was all alone! Go help him take his hometown back!descendants Rush Run and jump is the best jungle adventure game for ever. The game has many difficult levels to play and to discover.Get ready for the most exciting games on the store descendant Games ,Your wait is over now. Help Prince Girl in jungle adventures to collect all the coins they can with jetpacks power ups!.descendants in Jungle World as in classic platform games with a journey of descendant . In this jungle adventure , descendants must pass so much threats to run to target super world. You can use weapon to kill monster but weapon is hidden in somewhere.must be find it.Game features:- Special Feature:- 90 new levels and challenge- 6 super worlds with magnificent graphics- 22 different monsters from the former versions- Super boy can transform his size with super mushroom, marvelous experience!- Great graphics and music.- Play, run, jump and attack enemies and super boss- Super worlds unlock free when play to end of that super world.Let go ! and discover The GameDownload now and enjoy it !Notification : This is not an official game, This is just a game fans.for advice or any party that weighed down, please contact us.This Game have no relation with descendants MUSIC Application or cartoon, we are not the makers of the cartoon and we don't claim any relation with them.
Operating System Android