Pixelmon edition II: Survival & Story mods online

Greetings in a new cool game on your phone! If you are reading this now, then you have made the right choice! The best role-playing game of 2018 and this season with these Pixelmons! The adventures in your phone are waiting for you! You will learn crafting, building, catching pixelmons and exploring the world! Become a real creator of this pixel block of the world! There are many things that you will never find anywhere! Flight on pixelmons in the present tense! Soon there will be an update that will turn the entire game world! Become a part of the pixelmon universe right now! Globally update the game! Also in this game there is an evolution of pixels! Train, gain experience, take the first place and let your pixelmon Evolve! In this fashion story there is also a creative! Creative fashion with an unlimited supply of resources! We have added for you mods mcpe and edition for your android! Very similar to the most popular game craft and build. Sandbox, sea, forests and many other locations! Find all pixelmons and minions right now. Catch them all with a poke-ball. Crafting and building a game with research. Build anything you like: a store, a hospital, a spa salon, a weapon room, and much more. An interesting game for teenagers with online servers and multicraft. Use special blocks for construction (yellow, pink, stone, wood and much more).This lite version of Light for children. Very clear menu for crafting, which will cope with everything. Top game for boys and girls.Update 2018 for you:- Online servers + Multiplayer- Crafting and Building- Cube pixel blocks for construction- Open World (Change of day and night)- Weather in the game- Story mode, creative mod, exploration craft- Multicraft system of the world- Explore the world of light- Pixelmone abilities for battles- Battle arena for pixelmons- More than 100 new pixelmons- Survival in the game- Adventure, fairy tale, magicIf you do not believe in the description, then watch the video, which was made specifically for you to understand what this super duper game is! Did you like the game? Go into the profile and download other games that are more complex and much more interesting. A craft boy and a girl craft specially for everyone! If it's boring to play alone, invite friends into the world and play together on online servers in real time. Do not forget to catch all the pets in your collection. Good luck, young pixel trainers. Our support team will always help you with game tips around the clock! Do not forget to put an assessment and leave a review.
Operating System Android