Darza's Dominion

Enter the Dominion and fight for your life with hundreds of other players in this fast paced rogue-like cooperative bullet-hell shooter! Take on the role of 7 different classes and together with your companions use their unique abilities to traverse and conquer the lands that were once left dormant and peaceful, that is until the power of an angry god scattered dangerous creatures across the beautiful landscapes in an attempt to clear you out! Don't take this sitting down, or do! Play anywhere with your friends today and take back the dominion!What Can You Expect?Fast paced gameplayUnique character classesMultiple dungeons with different mechanicsIntense boss fightsDozens of players by your side at any timeA vibrant player-based economyPlease Remember!Darza's Dominion is a completely free game, but to keep the game running In-App Purchases are available to compensate for the costs of maintaining a steady stream of content and running the game servers. These purchases will offer quality of life or cosmetic bonuses such as:Small pet companions to follow your character aroundSkins to make your character look uniqueBonus character slots so you don't have to kill your current character to experience a different classExtra vaults to store more loot!
Operating System Android