Comes Alive Addon 2018 for MCPE

Hi Maincrafter! You have long wandered in search of the best mods, addons and maps ... Finally, your quest is over! Jingle TnT Mods Mcpe will show you only the best!Description:Minecraft can surely get lonely at times. However, Minecraft Comes Alive PE aims to solve this problem by adding new types of villagers which you can interact with in a number of different ways.In the future you will even be able to marry a villager and have kids with him or her. It's a beautiful way to evolve in the world of Minecraft and it makes the game a whole lot more interesting. This is the first beta of the mod and as a result there's many features missing, but for being the first release this is absolutely one of the best mods we've so far reviewed!Getting StartedCreate a new world and make sure to set it to survival mode. Once you've loaded the world there will be a Crystal Ball (ID: 4000) in your inventory. Tap on the ground with Crystal Ball to continue.Next you will find yourself in a small room with some bookshelves and an enchantment table. Tap on the enchantment table to begin deciding your destiny. A GUI (graphical user interface) will pop up displaying two different options: Male or Female.As I want to be a male I went ahead and selected Male. But if you rather be a female that's totally fine!The next question which will appear will ask which gender(s) you prefer, e.g. would like to marry. If you like both males and females you can select Either but in this case I selected Females.The third question will ask your name. This is currently a work in progress so you can't really do anything on this step, so for now just click Continue.The fourth and final question asks you of your destiny. The option which you pick here will influence your life heavily, so be careful!As of writing this only the None of these option worked. But in the future all of them will work obviously.+ I have a family - will spawn you in a house with a wife and 0-2 children+ I live alone - will spawn you in a house all alone+ I live in a village - spawn in a village populated by villagers+ None of these - remain at your spawning position, you will still be able to find villagers to marry/have kids with later as you progress throughout your worldInteractingNow when you've selected your destiny it's time to go out interacting with some people.It's really beneficial to pick a world seed which include a village at spawn. Here's a bunch of different such seeds or just type in ibuild in the seed generator to find one quickly.There are loads of different people to interact with but I decided to approach this girl. Long-tap on the screen to see the Interact button in the bottom center of the screen.Item IDs & Crafting Recipes+ Crystall Ball (4000)+ Baby Boy (4001)+ Baby Girl (4002)+ Spawn Male (4003)+ Spawn Female (4004)+ Needle (4005) - 1 iron ingot+ Needle and String (4006) - 1 Needle + 1 string+ Cloth (4007) - 1 Needle and String + 1 white wool+ New Outfit (4008) - 8 Cloth+ Tombstone (4009) - 6 stones + 1 sign+ Whistle (4010) - 4 iron ingots + 1 wood planks+ Divorce Papers (4011) - 1 ink sac + paper + 1 feather+ Villager Editor (4012)Features:+ Fully Free App!+ Simple and Clear Installation Instruction!+ The Latest and Stable Version!+ Selection of the Best Mods, Add-ons and Maps of 2018IMPORTANT!Disclaimer:1. This app need internet connection to use, make sure your device connect with internet.2. This is not a game, and does not belong to its creators, all materials are consistent with the principle of fair use of all united states law. If you find a volation of copyright or non-compliance, please contact us immediately. The name minecraft, the minecraft brand and assets are the property of minecraft mojang AB Company or its owner. all rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
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