SpongeBob Adventure Island

this is what awaited by you all that is very exciting game fun and exciting of course Spongebob adventure island 3D game that tells about a spongesegar who forgot the direction of returning to bikini bottom then he wanted to go home but with a very long distance they have to go through some obstacles that existHere there are 6 worlds that must be passed by spongebob that is in the island, jungle, salvana, volcano, ice and boss to petrify the spongesegar you have to pass to the six world, where every world consists of 20 levels, so the total level keselurahan in game spongesegar adventure word island 2.5D There are 120 levelsImportant feature of this game- 6 The world is very exciting- a hundred and twenty levels that are very beautiful- game play is very easy, you live tap the screen and follow the instructions- Good sound in the hearing
Operating System Android