Forest Kong

Are you ready to achieve the title of "craziest jungle king"?The FOREST KONG game is simple but requires very skillful players. Help Gorilla to get his destination as hurry as you can.Your job is to protect Kong by clearing wooden obstacles successfully and running on rope tracks safely. Because in each level there is a great challenge for the player to face the chain hurdles. Keep full controls with highly responsive fingertip and swipe with cool, realistic jungle graphics interface.Start playing incredible FOREST KONG in jungle running adventure game. In each mission big ape will face many obstacles to reach the final fight. Run, swipe, jump and never forget to collect as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar.Let's go on a jungle ride. A highly dynamic game engine will provide endless fun on this best jungle adventure race.Features:- 20 challenging levels- Safe Kong's life from various moving hurdles like swings, rotating wooden fan- Ever-lasting wooden bridges and chain paths.- There are breakable platforms, so player have to move fast on them- Wooden locks are increasing difficulty for player- To maintain health, monkey can collect bananas- Make your run through beautiful jungle environment- Limited time to develop user's attractionIf you have any issue with the game, contact or email us...
Operating System Android