Burning Heart

You've just arrived as a new recruit at the Shin-Nishi Fire Station!In a very male-dominated environment, you are the only woman in thegroup! Will you manage to find your place and gain recognition fromyour superiors? As the missions progress, your elders reveal theirtrue personalities.You will be touched to discover unexpected kindness ... It will allowyou to flourish in your role day after day.But this peaceful lifestyle will soon be disturbed ...During your childhood, a wave of fires made headlines, what conspiracylies behind these grim events?Would the men with whom you interact with every day have secrets?Your feelings for these beautiful people get stronger but a majorincident happens!Desire for revenge, forbidden love, and seduction intertwine for anexplosive cocktail of romance and action!Join the world of Japanese Otome games!Colorful characters!Elite firefighter and strong head.Takaki MutoHis hatred for arsonists is limitless, he seeks to take his vengeanceby any means.Riddled with grief since the death of his ex-girlfriend, he seems toget back to life thanks to you.Will you become my last love?You're superior, and also a great ally.Renji HoriVeteran respected among firefighters, but unlucky in love.Relations between superiors and subordinates are strictly prohibited.This could lead to an internal scandal.How good will this exemplary officer be?Expert in arson.Senga MatsuiComes to arrest the culprit of the arson. A strange character.Although you do not to succumb to temptation, games of seduction beginand the distance of safety melts from day to day.The athlete with a simple and generous personality.Junpei ChibaA man of action who seems to have come from the Middle Ages. He waspart of Japan's self-defense forces before joining the brigade.Not yet fully accustomed to his environment, he passionately movesahead to realize his dreams with courage and compassion.His way of expressing his feelings is however sometimes childish ...This young man with the face of an angel is also the best student in his class.Hiromi KikuchiDespite his young age, he becomes an indispensable ally.Though not very interested in romanticism and princesses inappearance, his words are sometimes full of sensitivity.Is he really not a candidate to become your boyfriend as he seems towant to appear?"I'll come join you in the middle of the night, my princess."¦ Game systemBetween sense of duty and impossible romances.In case of an error message:Error messages may be related to your connection to the server orthe quality of reception.In case of problems:Refer to the Help topic, accessible via the "Burning Heart -" menu.If, despite this, the problem is not solved, contact us via the"Contact us" section of the game's menu, and explain everything withdetail.If you are unable to open the application, please contact our customerservice representatives by sending an email to the following address.csaccela@gmail.comAn Otome game mixing suspense and action, the base of the game iscompletely free.
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