Money Click

The new interface, user-friendly features, has a better user experience and stability,1, Is it still worrying about stepping on landmines? Set the mine value, easy to avoid!2, The original anti-title rule base, effectively avoid all kinds of blocking, blocking.3, Open automatically grab the red envelope service, will closely monitor the red envelope message, my mother no longer worry you can not grab the red envelope.4, Add a strong acceleration to grab the function, under the same conditions will increase the rate of 90% of the grab package, so you win over 0.0001 seconds, fast step, the red bag hand to capture.5, Flexible customization of your grab package needs, you can specify not to grab a group, a person or a content of the red envelope, more humane.6, If everyone grabbed the red envelope and ran, the world will also be red envelopes? The In order to maintain world peace, we will automatically help you say thank you.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None