Scary Witch 2017

Are you brave enough to face a Scary Witch? Let's Find Out. Play the amazing Scary Witch 2017 game and foil her plans to cast the evil spell. There is a haunted house in suburbs. People have heard scary sounds coming out. You are curious about it. You decide to enter the house and find its secrets. Beware. There's a Scary Witch in the the house. She loves magic and casts all sort of evil spells. She watch over her house all the time and captivate strangers. Make sure you do not get caught or and manage to escape her traps and spells. Scary Witch 2017 is full of interesting and mysterious activities. The Witch loves her hat which has magical powers, Let's steal it to make her mad. Spoil the Witch Cake so that she can't achieve the results of witchcraft. When witch is outside enter into her house and break her broom so that she can't fly anymore. Ohh, She Got Angry. She is cooking a deadly potion which she plans to use against you but you are not afraid, Are You? Add some vinegar to the potion so that its power is lost and make the witch even more mad. A Mad Witch Is A Bad Witch. Look out for her favorite costume and burn it so that she cant complete the magical rituals. There is a magical black book in her house which keeps all her speels. Steal the book so that she cant read the magic words to summon the evil spirits for her help. Every new level is a new mystery, play at your own risk. Scary Witch 2017 Features: High Quality 3D Graphics. Amazing Sound Effects. Smooth and Easy Controls. A Radar To Help You Escape and some Hints. Addictive game play. Different Rooms and Mysteries to solve.
Operating System Android


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