LegeoCraft - Free Miner

Craft your world today with various items and a new fresh game in a environment. Choose to load an existing world or start a new one. Each world is your own playground, with endless possibilities. You can add items and craft your new reality. If you are looking for a game to strengthen your imagination this one can suit you. It is suitable for all ages. If you are looking for something to help you become more creative, this one can help you be that way. In fact placing items and arranging the world in the way you want it to be can be fun and exciting. We hope you will enjoy our game and spend hours creating your dreams and build each one of them to it's fullest. You can always choose to share this game with your friends or family members, then you can later on challenge them and see which one of you got greater success or which one of you can build more magnificent creations. You can always show this one to one of your colleagues and see what he thinks of it. Please rate us or send us feedbacks, we will appreciate it. You can always choose to send us an email and we will try to respond as soon as possible. This game is free and it's ad supported, so we can keep it free. The game is intuitive, when you click on the upper left corner, you have the different blocks and different items you can place in the open terrain. After placing the blocks you can move around freely and jump. The controls and the game play are very intuitive. You can start using it with ease and master it with no time. If you wish to build something new or you just looking for a new fresh adventure that can both challenge you and entertain you, this one can be a good match. Try making the terrain look in the way you picture it, in fact you are the only one which is in charge of this environment. You can call on the shots and decide where you wish to place each block. Keep an eye on your hearts and try to survive without falling, since this can end the experience. Even those who had other games can still find amusement in more angles and fresh apps. Please leave your feedbacks. Thank you for getting our game. This game is an open source project, based on terralegion. We hope you will find it entertaining and fun to play.
Operating System Android