Eternal Ninja Run

Eternal Ninja is a game about how ninjas train to become as fit and fast as they are. You will find yourself in a variety of levels and settings trying to achieve the highest score possible and stay alive as long as you can. Features. Infinite running style game, you can never fully beat. Never play the same level twice, with randomly generated levels. Obstacles you must avoid making the difficulty harder-Original Soundtracks-Weekly content updates-Money collection system-Multiple Characters to choose from. Skills system to make things more interesting for the player. Updates coming soon. More levels-More characters to choose from-More music-Online scoreboards-More skillsGo kinda easy on me in the ratings, this is my first game ever. (;Just a youtuber, musician, artist, turned game developer. Check out my youtube here:, feel free to contact me through my website (there is a live chat, forums, and social media platform for all users to access.).
Operating System Android