Surface: Another World

Play the trial for Free. Pay once & complete the adventure. After receiving an urgent phone call from you mother saying that your hometown is in imminent danger, you high-tail it back to Lightfalls to investigate. When you arrive though, a strange device has risen from the nearby lake, and all of the townspeople are missing. All except for one troubled boy, who may hold the fate of the entire town in his corrupt little hands. HELP HEAL THE SCARS OF THE PASTWhat traumatic event caused this young child to become so unhinged? Is he exacting revenge on his tormentors, or has he been possessed by some spirit beyond his control? Journey to a strange new world and save your family from total disaster. WHAT LIES BENEATH THE LAKE? Dive into the mystery amid fantastical hidden object scenes. BREAK THE SPELL AND Free THE TOWN. Come to the rescue through magical puzzles and thrilling mini-games. FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ROYALTY IN THE BONUS CHAPTERTake on a new adventure and enjoy additional Collector's Edition exclusives including Creature collectibles, special achievements, and more. Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles. Unlock this incredible Collector's Edition to gain access to all of the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay. Discover more from Big Fish Games. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a new release or promotion again: http://bigfi. sh/AndroidSplashCheck out our entire game library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely Free here: http://bigfi. sh/BFGAMGoogVisit Big Fish Games, a leading developer, producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual, card & casino games. VISIT US: www.bigfishgames.comWATCH US: US: TO US:
Operating System Android