Super Chaves World Run

Ready to play this award-winning smash-hit game? New Free Game Of 2017. Super Simple, One Touch Control System. Social Sharing, Play With Friends and Family Download and try it today. Super Chaves World Run is a new side scrolling running platform game. Game mission is so simple, while the boy is running forward, tap screen to jump, hold the screen longer to jump higher. Run and jump to avoid obstacle, collect as many gold coins as you can along the jungle road, and reach end of the map to complete a level. Help the mexico kid to run his way through mysterious jungle, medieval castle, urban village back to his homeland as gold coins. Armed goblin, wild boar, fireball, bandits, pirates are the real threat to him in this fairly tale. It's essential for chavo running skills to jump, dash on road, climb from wall to wall by smashing oncoming enemy and fight for victory. Wait no more and give the brave adventurer a helping hand now. Do you have what it takes to help the boy lead way to his home? Time your jump carefully, game will over if the kid fall from pit or touches obstacle. [How to play] Tap to jump, hold to perform stylish jumpBeat the clock to get high scoreCapture the flag to complete a levelSmash oncoming monster by jumping on themClimb the wall like ninja, explore the secret path. [Keys Features] Easy and fun game mechanicsBeautiful jungle, castle, forest environmentSensitive control systemRun, jump to finish all the levels. Tons of level to playCool power-ups and smooth animationBoss stage available Free, no IAPSupports Android phones and tablets.
Operating System Android