Requiem for a Bully (DEMO)

Requiem for a Bully is a game all about the psychological effects of bullying. This demo serves as a short preview of the journey that we intend on players to embark on in the full game, which is all about finding yourself through the actions you take, the consequences you undergo, and the pieces of the story you discover. Will you be the bully, or will you be the hero? Please also take a moment to share any and all feedback with us using the Google Form below. We appreciate all support, as it will all greatly help our team with the full game. If enough demand is established, we will create and release the full version. https://docs. google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9kRNa93EvsxUHnzopdWYOcUTvPDEvz7m_V0HTFf7AbvKKFQ/viewform? usp=sf_linkPlease enjoy the journey of which we had a blast to create.
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