Horror Roller Coaster VR

Horror Roller Coaster VRGet Ready for the Scariest VR Cardboard Horror Roller Coaster ExperienceTake a chilling tour through Dungeons, An Abandoned Mansion, Dark Castle Halls, A Collapsing Hidden Tunnel, and an Old Jail, where Ghosts, Demons, and Creatures await your arrival in this all new Horror Roller Coaster VR game using Cardboard or without. Your only light is the one attached to the wagon which are leading your through this Nightmare experience. ShockScares, Ghosts, Demons, whispers, and Creatures lures in the Dark and is only waiting for one thing, Your Arrival. Get a horrifying, good scare for yourself or enjoy experiencing your friends or family go through this Hellish 360 Cardboard Experience. GamePlay Information: Go through a Six Minutes Roller Coaster Ride, with the most Terrifying 360 VR Experience. Ghost, Demons, and Creatures await you with Scareshocks and Encounters. In the Main Menu, you can Choose to Play with Google Cardboard then choose between different Device Resolutions, or you can choose to play it in Standard Landscape Mode. 100 % Realtime 3D Rendering using the latest Game Engine Technology with top notch optimized Gameplay. Make sure you use a headset with highest volume and brightness is all turned up to maximum to get the best Horror VR Experience. We Hope you enjoy this Scary Ride. Before you Download This VR Game: In order to run the game with performance, make sure you have a high-end mobile. If you have Problems with your Heart or other symptoms that may be affected by for Strobing Lights, Shockscares, or High unexpected Sounds, we do not recommend that you play this game. Also, take note that the game has Graphical elements content that some viewers can find upsetting.
Operating System Android