Demon Hunter 3D Full

In Demon Hunter 3D You Play As "JJ" A Human Who Have Trained On The Mountains And Become Powerfull throughout The Time. In The Game You Will Be Given Two modes, A story Mode And A Survival Story Mode. (The Survival Mode Is Free To Play And You Can Download It Separately For Free By Downloading The Free Version) The Survival Mode: In Survival Mode You Will Have 7 Different Levels To Complete On Different Beautifully Designed HD Islands/Arenas, Each Contains 7 OR More Demons/ Zombies Waves Where You Will Have To Survive Throughout Untill the Last Wave, On Completion of Every Wave You Will Be Given A Choice To Receive New Weapon Or Some Relics, or Some Powers Which Will Decide Your Survival On Next Level. So What Are You Waiting For Head Into The Game. The Story Mode: "JJ" is Returning From His 20 years Of Training From The Himalayas. As Soon As He Reaches The Village He Finds That Something Terrible Is Going On In the World. Some How He Finds Out That This World Is Under Attack By The Demons or Zombies And His Family And humans All Over The World Are Being Captured By The Demon And are Taken To The Hell World. In Order To Bring Them Back And Stop the World From Destruction He Need To Collect 5 Eternal Stones. Direct " JJ " On His Journey To Collect This Stones, Complete Local Quests, Find Different Relics To Aid Your Journey. SURVIVE THE DEMONS. Help "JJ" fight through Demons in 7 action-packed maps In The Survival Mode. How long can you survive among the Immortals? LOLWeapons - Unlock Multiple Different Weapon Throughout The Story. Upgrades - Use The upgrade Menu To Upgrade Your Skills.
Operating System Android