ANARCHY 360REALITY IS WHERE REAL GAMES BELONGThe World is your Game arena with Anarchy 360. Move through the real world using the Anarchy360 App to find the Enemies location, travel to its location and overtake it for the Revolution. Anarchy360 uses Google maps to find the Enemies location. By the early 21st Century America had been segregated into two classes the extremely wealthy Order class and those forced to work their selves to the point of death to make wealthy richer. As a means of control Mobile technology was placed into the hands of the worker class seemingly as a convenience and means of entertainment. What the working class didn't know was that these mobile devices were allowed into their hands as a distraction for their otherwise meaningless life. In the year 2015 a small resistance formed of like-minded people calling themselves "Anarchy360" that saw beyond the manipulation of "The Order". This small group hacked the very same technology "The Order" was using to control the masses and used it to give the power back to masses but the fight has just begun. ANARCHY 360 Needs you. Anarchy360 uses GPS and Google maps during game play, Data usage fees may apply.
Operating System Android


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