Fairy Rush: Fly To Candy Land

Collect stars, cupcakes by flying through sunflowers and pumpkins on the way to Fairyland. Help Pan, Clara, Teemo and others fairy to win the race. Features: Unique skill and stats for each fairy. Unlock new characters and trails by stars or cupcakes. Jasmine Princess, Aladin and Genie style. Daily Tasks and Surprise Prizes in Mystery Eggs. Challenge with your friends via Facebook. Compete with others over the world. What to expect: Cute fairy characters for teen. Fly through the fabulous Fairland. Colorful and gorgeous HD graphics. Pretty cutie game for teen girls. Addictive and exciting game. =. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fairy-Rush/1665996853616719? fref=ts. Twitter: https://twitter.com/fairyrushsuga. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=lxiJzzi82Z4. Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/136800592. Website: http://fairyrush.com. =Our story begins: Once upon a time, there's a place called Fairyland, a millennia-old place, the hometown of many races of fairy which are told in many folklores and fairy tales. They dress up like Aladdin and princess Jasmine. Fairies live peacefully together and do their best to make Fairyland better. Once a year, a contest is held and open for all of the Fairyland citizens to join. Now, the long-awaited event has finally arrived, everyone, from the tiny tooth fairy to the graceful Tinkerbell, is so exciting to see the new champion. The goal is easy: fly to Candyland, collect all stars and cupcakes which were scattered along the way. But it's easier said than done. There're many pumpkins, mushrooms and sunflowers along the way to Candyland which required special abilities to deal with. They have to dodge Genie from the back. Hence, the contestant needs to be smart, brave and skillful. Here they are: Doreen is the most promising contestant for the top spot. Doreen's skill is always a mystery. Due to the fact that Doreen rarely shows her skills to other fairies. The only thing which is known so far, is that when she collected stars, the quantity is always double. Next one is Pan, he loves food, he sleeps all day. Pan's notable skill is creating the shield to protect himself from dangers and sunflowers. Besides that, everything about Pan is a secret. Clara The Farmer is the hard-working fairy. As a result, Clara is very healthy and fast. She creates sound waves to clean the farm after harvesting. Teemo: The messenger of the Fairyland. Teemo has lightning speed. His job is to ensure the message is delivered on time. Ula is a beautiful lady in a royal warrior family. A princess as she is, but also a very brave and strong soldier, like any members of her family. Ula possesses "Enhance" ability. Her speed is remarkable. She can fly through the pumpkin perfectly. Joyce: a pretty fairy who flies skillfully. Joyce loves to collect things. The last person: Neal, Doreen's younger brother. Neal is a talented magician, his job is to bring laughter and joy for everyone. His magic is powerful. The competition is coming soon, all participants are training for the best results, and Pan is a pioneer.
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