The Secret Order 5

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS. After the Griffin Order banned time travel, Sarah decided to take some time off. While enjoying her rest, she received a surprise invitation from her childhood friend and fellow explorer, Julie. A thrilling quest leading to a mythical buried kingdom is about to begin. BUY ONCE - ENJOY ENDLESSLY. Unlock the game to own it forever. REVEAL THE SECRETS OF THE LEGENDARY BURIED KINGDOM. After Sarah Pennington's last mission, the Griffin Order decided to destroy all time travelling devices and permanently ban time travel. This gives Sarah an opportunity to take some time off and reconnect with family and her old friend, Julie. MEET DROI, YOUR PERSONAL DRAGON SIDEKICK. A renowned explorer, Julie has discovered the location of the legendary Buried Kingdom. She wants Sarah to accompany on her quest to reach it. DEFEAT THE SINISTER DRAGON CLAN. What should be a happy reunion between friends quickly turns into a life-or-death mission when the Dragon Clan, which possess a strange power hidden in the darkest depths of the sea, kidnap Julie. TEST YOURSELF IN 34 MINIGAMES AND 18 HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES. Now it's up to Sarah and her cute little helper to search the kingdom for answers and find a way to save her dearest friend. Explore 38 atmospheric hand-painted locations. Meet larger than life characters. Solve 34 challenging minigames. Befriend an adorable dragon. Collect every dragon egg. Save the Buried Kingdom in the bonus game. High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones. +++ WE ARE HERE +++WWW: http://artifexmundi.comFACEBOOK:
Operating System Android