Stickman ZigZag Rush Run 3D

Stick to the zigzag path, rush and run to an unlimited destination. Perform legendary and amazing stickman stunts and don't get wipeout from the frenzy zigzag paths, rush and dodge the risky twists and turns and cross all the hurdles that come into the way on the path. Boost up and control your turns and abilities to become the quickest skinny and shadow maze swift runner. Stickman is on the hard time parkour escape and run from the underworld mafia crime dash and rush, cross barriers, race over the maze style bridges laid on the deadly reefs, clear obstacles and dodge the popping spikes from the ground, be careful and don't get dragged or dropped off from the tricky zig zag paths, take the curvy turns carefully the weather is snowy and slippery, this stickman is one of the best living hero and master of maze stunt runner and parkour. Smash and turns the hurdles and demolish the obstacles with combo kicks and jumps with extreme energy to get the maximum destruction and rampage over your rivals performing kickboxing and kung fu skills to hunt down the chasers. Let the stickman feel the adrenaline wipeout rush over the deadly grand rooftop and zigzag paths to clear the impossible jumps over the ridges and collecting the gold coins avoiding hurdles this amazing adventure is an unlimited and dangerous endless running game with lots of excitement and fun run as fast as you can at the best speed to gain more points, make perfect sticky jumps to cross the maze track, you are not a jumper and you also don't have the bag pack parachute for base jumping, don't glide into the air to take the great leap off the air as this is not a jumping stunt game rather it's a rush zigzag 3D running game simulator. Defeat your rivals and be the grand warrior in this legacy assassin run, take revenge from the hero and police cops engaged in the theft in auto dealing show some anger and aggression over the zigzag paths and blow away everything that comes into your sticky way.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None