Trump World Adventure

Who is Donald Trump? Trump World Adventure bros go with Trump to a journey that come to the president, come on with him. In the super jungle world, Trump must smash enemies to pass so much threats. Trump'll run and collect coins, power-up to fight with 8 boss on 4 worlds, smash and smash. Special Features of this game: Great graphics and music. 80 levels free with 4 worlds and 8 boss fights and more coming soon. Over 20 enemies and power up obstacles- 7 leaderboard- 26 achievements- it've appeared on all store: IOS, Google Play, Google. You can see anywhere, it's so simpleJoin us on Trump World Adventure Facebook Page: http://bit. ly/trumpworldadventureLet go with Trump to his journey Adventure, are you ready, install and play now.
Operating System Android