Fixies Town Games for Kids

Welcome town games and city games for toddlers. Including train games for kids, rescue games and children games for free. Have fun in this child games 10 year below. A lot of incidents happened in Fixies Town. The town needs its heroes. Restore order by playing 9 preschool learning games and save the town with little funny creatures The Fixies (you may know them from The Fixies the Masters). Nolik, SImka, Fire, Verda, Toola, Digit, Papus, Masiya and Grandpus are waiting for children in kids learning games for kids free. From Fixies the Masters creators. Complete missions in toddler games free for 4 year: "Catching Spiders"Fill the jar with spiders. Catch them until they hide. (entertainment games for kids 3 years free). "Hide and seek games"The Fixies got lost in the dark room. Find them all. (fun hide and seek games). "Catch the dog"The dog is in the kitchen. Catch it until it eats all food. "Entraining"Put goods into the train and send it to town. Drag items to correct places on the train. (fun city games for girls and boys). "Right places"What a mess in the room. Find right places for all things. (cleanup games). "Electricity leakage"Seems there is an electricity leakage. Catch sparks to repair it. "The railway train games free" The railway is broken. Fix the rails to let the train pass. (similar to thomas and friends games). "Cleaning games"What a mess in the room. Everything is broken. Use tools to clean it up. (fun cleanup games for kids 5 years free). "Vitamins"Catch vitamins and feed The Fixies. (entertainment games for kids 3 years free). Complete all missions and restore order in Fixies Town. Learning games for kids to play. Game features: 9 city games for girls and boys (especially if they love thomas and friends games) educational mechanics in preschool games freefrom fixies the masters creatorscleaning games for kids 5 years free About DevGame Studio: We develop and publish educational and fun games for children 3 and under and above. Our learning games for kindergarten are full of beautiful and colorful graphics, interactive games and interesting characters. Find more of our toddler games free for 2 year olds on our developers page full of child games below 3 and above: id=5319914182472753679You will find more of our preschool games free: The Fixies Quest Hidden Objects (Find hidden object games for children 3 and under). Fixiki Surfers Runner (games for children free). Fiksiki Cake Bakery and Chocolate Factory (delicious children's games for 3 to 5 yrs old). Fixies Town: City games free. If you have any questions we are waiting for your letters: contact.devgame@gmail.comOur website:
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