The Ice Guardian

This text adventure game (interactive fiction) was originally written by Barrie Eaton on the Amstrad back in 1991. YOUR OBJECTIVE: The Ice Guardian's items of climate control have been stolen. Find his iceriser, triducer and solidifier before the planet becomes a frozen wasteland. This game has a similar skill level to 'Mystery of the Dark Manor'. This Android edition tries hard to keep the original quality of that game, but at the same time provide features available from Android. Hyperlink assist provides smart context menus as an alternative to using the keyboard. A graphical inventory system so that you can see and tap what you are carrying. As such there are 2 styles of play: 1. Play the game just by tapping2. Play with the more retro style of using the keyboardAn automap will track your location progress. Can easily view by tapping the map icon. Landscape mode will show a minature version of the automap. Can use gestures. Use arrowheads to move north or south, and use a swipe to move east or west. Tap on an image to 'look' at your current location. Tap on the descriptive text to close the keyboard if open. Speech input is available to issue commands. Can also have the text read aloud. Font size can also be adjusted based on small, medium or large. Also extensively designed for the visually impaired. Have fully tested with Talkback using Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) from start to end with my eyes shut. Type "blind" in game to learn more. If you like this game then please rate. PRIVACY: Analytics is used to help improve this game. This sends anonymous data about game usage and how far people have progressed to Google servers. If you can please leave analytics turned on. I'm trying hard to avoid capturing simply words, but more thoughts and intentions. This takes a lot of work but is worth it. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS SENT. THIS FEATURE IS ON BY DEFAULT BUT CAN BE TURNED OFF IN THE PREFERENCES SCREEN. As such 2 permissions are needed: 1. Internet2. AccessNetworkStateIf you encounter an issue please email me first. Can do so from the main menu. Email Developer. That way I can address the issue.
Operating System Android