EggPalz - Monster Edition

Welcome to the Planet Eggula, the home of EggPalz Monsters. EggPalz Monsters are adorable cuddly Monsters that are very affectionate, love to play. and most of all, interact with humans. They are very unique as every egg is one of a kind and no two EggPalz Monsters are the same. Recently the EggPalz Monsters population has been decreasing at a rapid rate. Soon EggPalz Monsters will become extinct, just like the dinosaurs. They need your help to hatch as many EggPalz Monsters as you can to fill planet Eggula with enough EggPalz Monsters to survive forever. Can you collect'em all? How To PlayEggPalz Monsters love attention. Pet them, talk to them and listen to their needs. View the in app Tips for a detailed guide to caring for your EggPalz Monsters. Once hatched it's up to you to interact and play with your EggPal to help them evolve from baby to toddler, child, teenager and adult. OVER 50 EGG PALZ MONSTERS TO COLLECT. SHARE YOUR EGG PALZ MONSTERS CHECKLIST WITH YOUR FRIENDS.
Operating System Android


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